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Retired police chief says Montesinos did not direct Abimael Guzmán’s capture

January 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment

January 14, 2008

Eleventh session. Four witnesses from the national police force of Peru (PNP) were presented by the defense to testify: Héctor Jhon Caro, Marco Miyashiro and Adolfo Cuba, who are all currently retired and were involved in the capture of Abimael Guzmán, and Miguel Figueroa, who is still active and was a witness of the Barrios Altos killing.

What called particular attention today was that the witnesses called by the defense did not help to substantiate what Fujimori declared in the first sessions, concerning how he kept Montesinos around (despite all the reports against him) since, Fujimori claimed, Montesinos was a “key part” in the “destruction of terrorism.”

Héctor Jhon Caro, who was chief of the Regional Direction Against Terrorism (DIRCOTE) from 1990 to 1991, tried to avoid making Fujimori look guilty; yet he could not justify the work realized by the “analysis group” — including Colina group members Santiago Martín Rivas and Fernando Rodríguez Zalbabeascoa, among others — that penetrated the DIRCOTE.

The most convincing testimony was that of Marco Miyashiro, who was head of the Special Intelligence Group (GEIN) — part of the DIRCOTE. He said it was the GEIN that completed the intelligence work that led to Shining Path leader, Abimael Guzman’s capture, considered the “capture of the century.” Miyashiro narrated in great detail the intelligence work completed by the GEIN in order to capture Guzmán and told how the “analysis group” worked for six months in the DIRCOTE headquarters, revising all the documents they had taken from the GEIN, which even included the an “Intelligence Manual” they had prepared. None of the documents were returned to the GEIN.

Furthermore, Miyashiro clearly stated that only the GEIN and the DIRCOTE were aware of the operation to capture Abimael Guzmán; that Vladimiro Montesinos never directed the GEIN, nor Guzmán’s capture, nor any other intelligence work. After Guzmán’s capture, Miyashiro said he was sanctioned for eight days without any explanation. As he said this, Fujimori watched the Miyashiro with his hands crossed or while nervously moving his pen in his hands.

When the Supreme Court Judges gave Fujimori an opportunity to comment on the declarations, which had clearly contradicted all that he himself had testified in the trial, Fujimori maintained silence.

The next hearing will be on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

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