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Despite trial’s conclusion, defense lawyer claims “new evidence” favors Fujimori

January 11th, 2010 · No Comments

(César Nakazaki, defense lawyer of former president Alberto Fujimori. Photo: Judicial Power)

César Nakazaki, lawyer representing former president Alberto Fujimori, announced that he has new evidence that radically alter the recent confirmation of the former leader’s 25-year prison sentence for crimes against humanity.

“We have important evidence that would completely turn around what the Supreme Court’s Criminal Transitory Court has ruled,” Nakazaki told journalists in the Palace of Justice.  However, the lawyer has not yet revealed what this supposed evidence is about.

On Jan. 2 of this year, the First Transitory Criminal Court of the Supreme Court ratified the 25-year sentence against Fujimori for murder and kidnapping.  This ruling was first made on April 7, 2009 when the Supreme Court’s Special Criminal Court found that the former leader had command responsibility (“autor mediato”) in the deaths of 25 people by a military death squad and kidnapping of journalist Gustavo Gorriti and businessman Samuel Dyer. 

Nakazaki claims the confirmation of this sentence “is a legal way to have Fujimori die in jail.”  He insisted that he would not let this happen and plans to present new evidence under the legal motion of “recourse for revision.”

“The Judicial Power has a political choice to destroy the former president,” the lawyer added.

Juan Vergara Gotelli, head of the Constitutional Court, confirmed the Nakazaki’s right to do as he has claimed, but said this does not mean that he will be given juridical reason.

“I believe he is going to begin a process of habeas corpus against this conviction.  He can indeed do this, but this would be a long process since it must be initiated in the Judicial Power before a judge in the first instance, and from there would be appealed to the a Criminal Court in the Superior Court and then finally arrive to us, if the resolution in the second instance [appeal] is favorable for the claimant,” he said.

Raffo says ‘fujimorismo’ will win 2011 elections

Congressman Carlos Raffo, member of the pro-Fujimori political party, asserted that the court’s recent confirmation of the sentence against their leader will lead to their triumph in the presidential elections in 2011.

“For us, this sentence’s confirmation means the beginning of a large task to vindicate Alberto Fujimori, which will be achieved politically through our triumph in the 2011 elections,” he indicated.

“We are not going to appeal to any kind of violence or protest because ‘fujimorismo’ is peaceful,” he added, “but we will respond.  The big response to this sentence will be our triumph in the elections in 2011, given by the Peruvian people in complete disapproval of this nefarious ruling.”


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