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New Investigations of Fujimori in the Public Prosecutor’s Office

December 18th, 2009 · No Comments


The Peruvian Public Prosecutor’s Office has been conducting new investigations into the alleged acts of corruption attributed to former president Alberto Fujimori during his two periods of government (1990-2000). During the first months of next year, these investigations will be sent to the Judicial Power with the aim of determining if sufficient elements do or do not exist to formalize a new criminal trial.

Since his extradition from Chile in November 2007, the former president has stood trial in four criminal proceedings. He has been found guilty in three for acts of corruption and in the fourth for responsibility in human rights violations, for which he was given a 25 year prison sentence.

The Supreme Court is revising the latter sentence and a final verdict is expected very soon. If the Judicial Power determines that the new investigations qualify for the establishment of a new criminal trial for Fujimori, it first has to send its conclusions to the Justice Ministry which then has to transfer the judicial file to the Ministry of Foreign Relations so that they can send it to the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Relations.

The following step is that the Chilean authorities give the judicial file to their Supreme Court which determines if Fujimori should or should not be judged for the new charges.

It is evident that this is a very long procedure, yet it is a fact that the Public Prosecutor’s Office will continue investigating Fujimori.The first case that the Public Prosecutor´s Office is investigating the financing of Fujimori´s children´s schooling.

Among the children is Keiko Sofia who is a congressperson and presidential candidate for the 2011 elections.  According to the first inquiries, their schooling has cost more than a million dollars, an amount of money that could not have been covered by the former president’s salary and savings.

“There is an investigation (on the financing of Keiko Fujimori’s and her brothers’ education), but it is a reserved investigation and I cannot give comments. This investigation is in the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” assured the State attorney, Pedro Gamarra.

On the other side, the Public Prosecutor’s Office also is investigating the transfer of a several million Euros to the accounts of former Fujimori minister, Victor Joy Way. There is a suspicion that this money might have come from the national treasury and that said transactions could not have been unknown to the former president. This investigation has been being conducted in coordination with the authorities of Austria, where the accounts initially were discovered.

Gerhard Jarosch, spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor´s Office, confirmed that two weeks ago they started an investigation on money laundering, although he refused to provide more details since the investigation is underway.