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Fujimori’s supporters insist that Peruvian justice is working against their leader

December 5th, 2009 · No Comments

Congressman Carlos Raffo (middle). Photo: Praxis.

Congresswoman and daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, Keiko Sofía Fujimori, is not the only person convinced that there is no Peruvian court that will absolve her father.  Other members of her and her father’s political movement, known as “fujimorismo,” are equally convinced, including Carlos Raffo, Martha Moyano, Luz Salgado and Rolando Sousa, who maintain that there is a ruthless campaign to discredit the former president and his party.

Keiko insists that her father was condemned to 25 years in prison for rights abuses without any evidence and stresses her confidence that the Public Prosecutor’s accusations do not include anything that demonstrates her father created the death squad known as Colina, much less that he gave orders for them to extrajudicially execute the victims murdered in the Barrios Altos and La Cantuta massacres.

She added however, that she has no doubt that Colina existed and carried out murders, but insists that her father was not involved.  Regarding the court that is currently presiding the former president’s appeal of his sentence, Keiko expressed her disbelief that the judges would absolve it. Rather she thinks there could be a political interest to sink her father.

Keiko has presented herself as a potential candidate for the next presidential elections set for 2011.  She has publicly stated that she would like to pardon her father, but for this to be possible Fujimori cannot be sentenced for crimes against humanity and aggravated kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Congressman Carlos Raffo is more aggressive in his views.  He insists that from the first moment the trial against the former president began, there was already a campaign to destroy him politically by keeping him imprisoned as long as possible, without giving importance to evidence. 

Raffo added that Fujimori’s opponents wanted to make a circus by carrying out more trials, but that the former leader wouldn’t allow it and merely accepted the charges against him.

Luz Salgado and Martha Moyano, in recent declarations to local journalists, emphatically protested the mistreatment of their leader.  They claim that the court that tried him for human rights violations, presided by César San Martín, convicted him without sufficient proof.

Overall, there is no member of ‘fujimorismo’ that agrees with the court that condemned the former president.  With their leader’s reputation at stake, it is unlikely that these followers will be able to look at the matter objectively, yet their view is important to keep in mind.