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Fujimori’s lawyer says judges for appeal want to destroy ‘fujimorismo’

November 9th, 2009 · No Comments

* Lawyer César Nakazaki says judges aim to destroy ‘fujimorismo’

* Fujimori decides against personally presenting his arguments before judges

The head lawyer in former president Alberto Fujimori’s defense team, César Nakazaki told fujimoriontrial.org that he has no confidence that the Supreme Court will reduce or annul the 25-year sentence against Fujimori for human rights violations.  The hearing for the appeal against this sentence will take place on Nov. 23-25, where the Supreme Court’s Transitory Criminal Court will be able to reduce, annul or uphold the sentence against Fujimori.

“A few months ago, I made a motion to recuse some of the judges in that court due to their lack of impartiality.  This included the president, Duberlí Rodríguez, since he participated in a press conference with the president of the Judicial Power, Javier Villa Stein, in order to back the 25-year sentence against Fujimori.  I also made a motion to recuse Judge Julio Biaggi since he was removed from the Judicial Power in 1992 through an executive resolution written by my client.  So, with judges like these, there is no impartiality,” said Nakazaki.

The lawyer also mentioned his prior recusal of the president of the Supreme Court’s Special Criminal Court, César San Martín, who condemned Fujimori in all three trials he presided.  Nakazaki said that this judge had also been taken out of the Judicial Power in 1992 through a resolution signed by Fujimori.

“I am willing to go to the Constitutional Court on the issue of recusals.  The defense believes that all these judges are using their sentences to try to destroy fujimorismo [the pro-Fujimori political movement].  There is no other reason for it.  They don’t want to do justice, they want to destroy fujimorismo.  We will go to the appeal hearing in order to comply with the formalities, but we go with the firm belief that we will not find justice there,” said Nakazaki.

For this same reason, the lawyer said that Fujimori has given up his plan of presenting his arguments personally before the court.  Nakazaki only ventured to say that his client did not have faith in the court and thus has nothing else to say in his defense.

Due to the complexity of this case, the court decided that the hearing for the appeal would take place on three consecutive days, from Nov. 23 to 25, in the judicial courts in Ate Vitarte, inside the Peruvian Police’s Special Operations Office (DIROES).  The trials will run from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

On Monday the 23rd, the lawyers representing the families of the victims for crimes included in this case will speak.  These lawyers include Carlos Rivera, Antonio Salazar, David Velazco, Rosa Quedena, Gloria Cano, Sandra Mendoza, Gisella Astocóndor, Gustavo Campos and Cristian Solís.  Their arguments are expected to last a total of six hours.

On the following day, defense lawyers César Nakazaki and Gladys Vallejo will be given six hours for their arguments. 

Wednesday the 25th will be designated for each party’s rebuttal for a period of two hours total.

The Supreme Court’s Transitory Criminal Court is presided by Judge Duberlí Rodríguez and also includes Julio Biaggi, Elvia Barrios, Roberto Barandiarán and José Neyra.