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Fujimori to personally object 25-year sentence at appeal

October 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

 (Fujimori surrounded by the press as he gave his final defense during his human rights trial. Photo: Judicial Power)

Sources close to the former president’s legal defense have told fujimoriontrial.org that Alberto Fujimori has decided to prepare his own defense in addition to his lawyer’s in the hearing for the appeal against his 25-year prison sentence for human rights violations.  The hearing will take place on Nov. 23 and 25, presided by the Transitory Criminal Court of Peru’s Supreme Court.

The sources said that Fujimori has been preparing his legal strategy together with his head lawyer, César Nakazaki.

Public Prosecutor José Peláez, the lawyers for the victims’ families and Fujimori’s defense lawyer will all present their arguments for or against the 25-year sentence in a special room in Peru’s Palace of Justice in the center of Lima.  The former president, however, will present his self-defense in the judicial area of the police barracks known as Barbadillo, where he has been imprisoned for the past two years.

Therefore, the judges that form part of the Transitory Criminal Court, as well as the other parties involved in this trial, will have to go where Fujimori is being held in order to hear his speech.

According Congressman Carlos Raffo, spokesperson for the pro-Fujimori party, the former president’s sympathizers will be outside the building to show their support the day that he speaks.  Police forces will also surely be convened to ensure that order and control are maintained during this time.

In the next few days, whether or not Fujimori receives a medical checkup in the National Institute of Neoplastic Illnesses (INEN) as planned will be confirmed.  The doctors from the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) will have to submit a report in order for the Judicial Power to authorize this visit.

After the prosecution and defense are heard in the appeal hearing, the Transitory Criminal Court, presided by Duberlí Rodríquez, will have 15 to 30 days to issue its final sentence.

This decision will be a key determinant in Mr. Fujimori’s future since the 25-year sentence can be upheld, reduced or annulled to start a new trial.

The appeal’s hearing will be public, thus ensuring the presence of local and international media.


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