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Supreme Court to resolve appeal against Fujimori’s sentence for rights abuses in November

September 28th, 2009 · No Comments

(Keiko Sofía Fujimori attending her father’s human rights trial. Photo: Praxis.)

Public Prosecutor is certain that 25-year sentence will be upheld.

Pro-Fujimori group hopes that the Supreme Court will annul the sentence.

It has been five and a half months since former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori was condemned to 25 years of prison in his trial for human rights violations.  However, whether this sentence is upheld or not will depend on how the Supreme Court resolves the nullification request made by Fujimori’s defense team against the sentence.

The Supreme Court in charge of this case could annul the entire trial and order a retrial, reduce the sentence or keep the sentence at 25 years.  Court sources say that the appeal will be resolved before the end of November.

The pro-Fujimori grouping, known as the fujimoristas, hope for the sentence to be annulled and a new trial started.  Despite accusations, they deny that this retrial would be used to create political tension in the country prior to the 2011 presidential elections, in which Keiko Sofía Fujimori, the former president’s daughter, plans to run.

Ronald Gamarra, executive Secretary of the Lima-based National Human Rights Coordinator, suspects that the court ruling on the nullification request may be acting in a more political rather than legal context.

Meanwhile, Public Prosecutor José Peláez Bardales completely trusts that Peru’s highest court of justice will ratify the sentence against Fujimori as is.  Peláez says that with such strong arguments in this sentence, there is no way it can be annulled or even modified.

The First Transitory Criminal Court of the Supreme Court is in charge of ruling on the appeal.  To date the defense, Public Prosecutor’s Office and lawyers of the victims’ family members have already been sent a supreme report submitted by Public Prosecutor Pablo Sánchez Velarde in favor of ratifying the 25-year sentence.

Now, the parties will have one month to study the report and prepare their arguments.  Then, a hearing will be held between the first and second week of November in which each party can expose their arguments.  Once this stage has been completed, the Court will have 15 days to issue its verdict.


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