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Peru’s Judicial Power sets date for Fujimori’s last trial

August 12th, 2009 · No Comments

sin.jpg(Former presidential advisor Vladimiro Montesinos tells a congressman “the only person who will know [about the bribe] is the president, nobody else.”  Video shown on local news program La Ventana Indiscreta, image posted on the webpage of Crónica Viva.)

The Supreme Court’s Special Criminal Court in Lima has scheduled the last trial against former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori’s to start Sept. 28, 2009.  This last hearing will include the cases known as “media,” “defector congressmen” and “phone tapping.”

The accusations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office against the former president for these cases include the crimes of embezzlement, corruption of public officials, violation of the privacy of communications and illegal wiretapping.  The Public Prosecutor has requested an eight-year prison sentence for Fujimori in addition to the payment of 5 million Peruvian soles to the State and 3 million soles to the victims of phone tapping.

The Court in charge of this public trial will be formed by Judges César San Martín, Víctor Prado and Hugo Príncipe, who will be reincorporated for this last trial. Some witnesses for this trial will include Vladimiro Montesinos (Fujimori’s former advisor), Matilde Pinchi Pinchi (Montesinos’ former secretary), journalists Cecilia Valenzuela and Enrique Zileri, as well as the former presidential candidate Lourdes Flores.

Additionally, Fujimori’s lawyer, César Nakazaki has filed a motion to nullify the most recent ruling against the former president for seven and a half years of prison in his trial for the case of the US $15 million that he supposedly gave to his former advisor.  The Special Criminal Court said it would remit the motion to the competent criminal tribunal.

Furthermore, the members of the Special Criminal Court have announced they will be taking their vacations, in accordance with Peruvian law, from August 10 to September 8.