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Fujimori will speak before being sentenced

July 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Ex-President Alberto Fujimori will have 30 minutes to lay out the last details of his defense in his criminal trial for giving $15 million to Vladimiro Montesions in the year 2000.  That is how the Supreme Court that is trying him announced in court on Wednesday, July 15.  Fujimori will address the court during the next session on Friday the 17th. It is highly probable that on this same day the judges will have their final deliberations and render their verdict.

This will be the third sentence Fujimori is facing, and everything seems to indicate that he will be given another prison term, especially since he has admitted that he took millions from the Peruvian State to give to his then ex-intelligence advisor. The Public Prosecutor has asked for 8 years in prison. However, Fujimori believes, as stated by his lawyer has committed no crime because he returned the money that he took. Legal experts of Peruvian criminal law predict that the court will condemn him to less than 5 years.

Until now Fujimori’s maximum sentence has been 25 years in prison for the massacre of 25 people in the cases known as Barrios Altos and La Cantuta. His defense, nevertheless, has asked for the nullification of that sentence and it is now being reviewed by the Supreme Court. Sentences in Peru are not consecutive and because of this, any sentence that Fujimori receives that is less than 25 years will be absorbed by this last one.

In Wednesday’s hearing the defense attorney, César Nakazaki, made his case  during the greater part of the morning, arguing that the ex-president is not responsible for any crime in this case.

The Assistant Supreme Public Prosecutor, Avelino Guillén,  believes  that the embezzlement crime occurred in an “instantaneous” manner, when the money was taken from the state and given to a particular person that represents Montesinos.

Guillén asserted that during this removal of public funds for a period of 41 days (the time it took to return the money) the state could not use this money so it affected public service.

We will see what happens this Friday the 17th. Our blog Fujimori on Trial will stay up to date.