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New trial set for July 13

June 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Fujimori to be tried for the alleged US $15 million payment to advisor Vladimiro Montesinos in the year 2000

Court will be formed by judges César San Martín, Víctor Prado and Sócrates Zevallos

The Supreme Court’s Special Criminal Court has recently announced that the new trial against the former Peruvian president will begin on July 13 for having allegedly ordered US$15 million to be paid to his former intelligence advisor, Vladimiro Montesinos in the year 2000. Only three months ago, Alberto Fujimori was condemned to a 25-year prison sentence in his latest trial for human rights violations.

In the case of the $15 million, the Supreme Public Prosecutor accuses Fujimori of embezzlement of public funds and moral turpitude for having used government finances for personal purposes.  Public Prosecutor José Peláez has requested an eight-year sentence and the payment of a civil reparation of two million Peruvian new soles (nearly US $670,000).

Meanwhile, Fujimori’s lawyer, César Nakazaki, announced that his defense will focus on demonstrating that his client did not commit any crime since the money given to Montesinos was returned to the State, which was thus unaffected.

According to Peruvian law, sentences against a defendant cannot be accumulated.  This means that if Fujimori is condemned in this trial, it will not be added to the 25-year sentence he received in his human rights trial in the event that the latter is confirmed during the appeal. 

The Special Criminal Court in charge of this upcoming trial will be formed by three judges: César San Martín, Víctor Prado and Sócrates Zevallos.  Justice Hugo Príncipe, who was originally assigned to this case was removed since he has previously presided over a trial against former state ministers implicated in this same case of the $15 million.

The new trial will take place in the court located in the Police’s Special Operations Office, where Fujimori is currently serving his sentence.  In this trial, the following former state ministers are expected to testify: Luis Muente Schwarz, Henry Tunanñana Guerra,  Javier Núñez Bolívar, Orlando Gómez Kuan, José Luis Del Priego Palomino, Carlos Díaz Mariños, Alfredo Jaililie Awapara, Marcelino Cárdenas Torres, Walter Ledesma Rebaza, James Stone Cohen and Vladimiro Montesinos Torres.

This will mark the second time that Montesinos testifies in a trial against Fujimori and will undoubtedly captivate the attention of the press.  The first time Montesinos gave testimony in Fujimori’s trial, he decided to stop testifying, obligating the Court to annul his testimony.  There were also a series of winks and glances between Fujimori and his former advisor, raising suspicions that they are still working together.