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Fujimori’s new trial will begin in three weeks

June 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Fujimori’s new trial will begin in three weeks

The Court denied Nakazaki’s request to remove two justices

On June 23rd , the Supreme Court’s First Transient Criminal Court denied Alberto Fujimori’s defense attorney’s request to remove justices César San Martín y Víctor Prado from the court that will be hearing his new criminal trial for illegally giving $15 million to Vladimiro Montesinos in 2000.

Through this denial, the Supreme Court diminishes the argument made by César Nakazaki that the two judges cannot try Fujimori because they demonstrated biased conduct in Fujimori’s previous trial for violations of human rights. In that trial the justices condemned Fujimori to 25 years in prison for human rights violations.

The Court’s resolution upholds that “there is no credence to the reasons that would establish San Martín and Prado are procedurally contaminated to hold the new trial.”

In regards to the situation of Hugo Príncipe, the First Transient Criminal Court decided to remove him from the Fujimori case because he had been a justice in another criminal trial against ex-public ministers who facilitated the payment of the $15 million to Montesinos where a criminal connection with Fujimori was established.

Now the Judiciary will have to choose a justice to replace Hugo Príncipe so that he can immediately integrate into the court that will be trying Fujimori. In three weeks, around July 15, Fujimori’s new trial will begin.

Attorney César Nakazaki and Prosecutor José Peláez  agree that the trial will begin in three weeks.