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Trial suspended once again due to Fujimori’s health

March 24th, 2009 · No Comments

March 18, 2009

One hundred and fifty fourth session – Attorney César Nakazaki continued laying out his closing arguments for the 10th consecutive session.  However, only an hour after beginning, the session had to be cut short due to Fujimori’s health.

I. Fujimori’s health again

One hour after the start of the court session where Fujimori’s defense attorney was making his closing arguments, a specialist from the Institute of Legal Medicine recommended that Fujimori rest for 48 hours, due to a hypertensive crisis and pharyngitis (a sore throat) accompanied by a fever.

Consequently, the Court suspended the trial until Monday, March 23 and requested that Fujimori’s medical history be taken with him to each trial session from now on, in case of an emergency.  Fujimori’s prison cell, where he is currently serving a six-year sentence for the crime of illegal search, is located within the same police base as his human rights trial.

The Court also urged the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) to better control Fujimori’s health.

II. Next Session

The next session of court will be Monday, March 23. Attorney Nakazaki will continue his closing arguments. Sessions will be held next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Fujimori’s trial started Dec. 10, 2007, more than 15 months ago. The trial has been interrupted many times over the course of the trial due to problems with Fujimori’s health.

This is not the first time that Fujimori has had health problems. Before being elected president, Alberto Fujimori suffered a much publicized food poisoning incident caused by codfish.  This happened on the same day that he was to present his plan for the government to the country during his presidential election campaign.  To this day, it is still debated whether this food poisoning was real or simply an excuse so that Fujimori did not have to present his governmental plan, which he had not prepared on time.