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Defense discredits evidence submitted by Public Prosecutor and lawyers for victims’ families

March 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

(Military base where Fujimori’s trial is held. Photo: Praxis.

March 16, 2009

One hundred and fifty third session – Attorney César Nakasaki Servigón continued laying out his closing arguments; in this session he tried to discredit the evidence presented by the Public Prosecutor and the attorneys for the victims’ families. 

I. Fujimori’s defense arguments

Message to the Nation on February 7, 1991, given by Fujimori as President of the Republic. According to his attorney, this document is evidence that dismisses Fujimori (it makes a case for Fujimori’s innocence) since in this speech, Fujimori refers to the Special Intelligence Group (GEIN) that had captured leaders of the subversive group Shining Path, and doesn’t refer to the Analysis Group or the Colina Military Detachment at all.

Newspaper articles and interviews of Fujimori, documents presented by the attorneys for the victims’ families, in order to demonstrate beginning in 1991 a dirty-war counter-subversive policy was applied.

Message to the Nation on July 28, 1991

The books “Lessons of this Century” and “Operation Chavín de Huántar,” written by the retired Peruvian Army General Nicolás de Bari Hermoza Ríos.

Declassified document from the United States Embassy from August 1990. According to Fujimori’s Attorney, these documents are not proof since the events mentioned in the documents must first be proven — in this case, the double strategy to combat subversion: a public strategy that respects human rights and another confidential strategy of dirty war.

II. Outside the courtroom

Court accepts request from Fujimori’s defense

At the start of his closing arguments, Nakazaki stated that he would use eight sessions, which were used by March 11th. Nevertheless, Nakazaki has asked for at least four more sessions to be able to lay out his closing arguments, which the Court has accepted.

III. Next  session

The next session of the trial will be Wed., March 18, when Attorney Nakazaki will continue his closing arguments. His arguments should finish the week of March 23-27, according to the Court President.