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Lawyers for victims’ families say Fujimori implemented clandestine counter-subversive policies

February 9th, 2009 · No Comments

(Lawyers for the victims’ families: Ronald Gamarra and Carlos Rivera. Photo: Judicial Power) 

February 4, 2009

One hundred forty-second session. The lawyers for the victims’ families continued their final arguments. Lawyer Carlos Rivera Paz explained the double counter-subversive strategy implemented by Alberto Fujimori’s government (1990-2000) in Peru, which was directed and executed by Fujimori himself.

I. Arguments presented by the lawyers for the victims’ families

1. Lawyer Carlos Rivera:

1.1 Double strategy. Rivera asserted that Fujimori’s government implemented a double counter-subversive strategy — one respecting human rights and another secret strategy that systematically violated rights — which was headed by Fujimori himself: “he did not delegate, it was he who implemented [the counter-subversive strategy]. He went to La Cantuta and took military officials, he went to San Marcos and took military officials. He is the one who gave arms to the rondas campesinas [rural self-defense groups]. He was interested in demonstrating an active and personal role in executing this strategy.”

In this way, as part of the double strategy, “he said one thing and did another”:

a)     First strategy: The official strategy that Fujimori’s government presented to the public.

b)    Second strategy: The unofficial strategy that involved extrajudicial executions, such as those carried out by the Colina Military Detachment.

In this second strategy, Colina demonstrated a systematic pattern of committing crimes through “special intelligence operations,” which were in army manuals. Rivera asserted that the kidnap of journalist Gustavo Gorriti was also part of this strategy and was not executed independently by the armed forces, as Fujimori’s defense claims.

II. Next session

The Court adjourned the session until Monday, Feb. 9.  Ronald Gamarra, Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Coordinator, will finish presenting the final arguments of the lawyers for the victims’ families. Once finished, Fujimori’s defense will present its final arguments and the Court will then allow Fujimori to speak. Finally, a sentence will be issued. 


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