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Twenty-nine audios and videos submitted as evidence

December 18th, 2008 · No Comments


(Public Prosecutor Jose Pelaez Bardales) 

December 15, 2008

One hundred twenty-ninth session. The Court approved all the witnesses proposed by the prosecution and defense, except for Vladimiro Montesinos, Fujimori’s former advisor. The witnesses will be summoned in order to recognize 29 videos and audios, 22 of which have been presented by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, four by the lawyers for the victims’ families and three by Fujimori’s defense.

I.   Inside the Courtroom

The witnesses who will be summoned include:

Wednesday, Dec. 17 – Santiago Martin Rivas, Jesús Sosa Saavedra and José Luis Bazán Adrianzén.

Friday, Dec. 19 – Jesús Sosa Saavedra, Juan Nolberto Rivero Lazo, Carlos Pichilingüe Guevara, Julio Chuqui Aguirre, Nelson Carbajal García and Federico Navarro Pérez.

Monday, Dec. 22 – Nicolás de Bari Hermoza Ríos (former head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, who is represented by the same lawyer as Fujimori), Luisa María Cuculiza (current pro-Fujimori congresswoman) and Juan Briones Dávila, former Secretary of the Interior.  

Cuculiza and Briones will be questioned on a video of a meeting between Fujimori, Montesinos and them, which took place on April 29, 1998 in the National Intelligence Service (SIN). In the video, Montesinos affirms that the Barrios Altos and La Cantuta crimes were perpetrated by members of the Army Intelligence Service (SIE).

Wednesday, Dec. 24 – Alejandro Guerrero and Cecilia Valenzuela, both journalists, will testify on the video of a practice interview with José Picón Alcalde – former president of the Military Justice Supreme Council – on the La Cantuta crime. The video was filmed by Guerrero and publicized by Valenzuela.

Questioning from Fujimori’s defense:

Fujimori’s lawyer objected to some of the evidence presented, including:

  • 1. The video of Guerrero’s practice interview with Picón Alcalde.
  • 2. Audios of conversations in 1994 between military chiefs and members of the Colina Military Detachment, who were in the military prison at the time.
  • 3. Audio of a conversation between Fujimori, Montesinos and Hermoza on Nov. 13, 1992 during General Jaime Salinas’ intended coup d’état.
  • 4. Audio of Montesinos’ declarations against Fujimori, publicized by the Telemundo television company.

Videos played during this trial session:

1. “The Siamese Twins” where Fujimori praises Montesinos.

II. Outside the Courtroom

Lawyers for Shining Path leaders speak in favor of Fujimori

On this trial’s anniversary on Dec. 10, the lawyers representing Abimael Guzmán,   Alfredo Crespo Bragayrac and Carlos Gamero Quispe stated that the doctrine regarding command responsibility is not incorporated into the Peruvian Criminal Code. Guzmán was found guilty and sentenced for command responsibility.

According to the lawyers, the fact that this theory has already been used to sentence Guzmán could mean that Fujimori is also sentenced due to political pressure. Just as the APRA and Fujimorista congress members, the lawyers suggested general amnesty for armed actors in Peru’s internal armed conflict from 1980 to 2000.

Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) claimed that the subversive group Shining Path was “the principal perpetrator of crimes and human rights violations based on the number of people who died and disappeared. Shining Path was responsible for 54 percent of the fatal victims, who were reported to the CVR.” Furthermore, “[the Shining Path] unleashed extreme violence and unusual cruelty that included torture in order to punish or set intimidating examples in the population they wished to control.”

Public Prosecutor receives threats

Public Prosecutor Avelino Guillén, who represents the State in Fujimori’s human rights trial, claimed that he and his family received telephonic threats. These are currently being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

III. Next session

The next session will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 17.


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