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-COMMENTARY- Runaway witness

July 4th, 2008 · No Comments

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Javier Torres Seoane

SER Association

Montesinos testified on Monday, June 30 as a loyal subordinate to Alberto Fujimori. He began by announcing that he rejected the accusations Fujimori faces for serious human rights violations, but ended by keeping silence. First he shielded himself with the supposed secrets he must keep as an “inactive” intelligence agent, then later invoked his right to silence as a defendant being tried for the same cases.

However, during the four hours that the session lasted, Montesinos mentioned some very interesting things. For example, that he was never removed from the Intelligence Service; that his removal was “fictitious.” He also confirmed that it is possible to commit crimes for matters of state.

Furthermore, Montesinos showed himself to be haughty and defiant before the Court, taking advantage of the poor performance of Public Prosecutor José Peláez, who didn’t even know how to defend his colleague, Avelino Guillén, against the accusation of shelving a wiretapping case back in 1992.

Elegantly dressed, Montesinos wished to demonstrate his power of word and performance. The man who lived for a decade on power’s back porch and has been held for seven years in a prison that he ordered to be built for terrorist leaders, took advantage of what was perhaps his last opportunity to tell the country this truth full of lies that he built next to his partner as they directed the most corrupt government administration in our history. For this reason, the most important part of his presence in this trial has been to show that they are still as close now as when they planned the creation of the Colina detachment and all the other crimes they committed together during the 90s. 

Montesinos dreams of a pardon that only Fujimori can give him, Fujimori of the acquittal he is confident he’ll achieve… let’s hope that this justice, of which both continue to feel slaves and masters, serves to wake them up, condemning them to sentences that they both deserve.