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Salazar further confirms closeness between Montesinos and Fujimori

June 24th, 2008 · No Comments

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Seventy-third session. Former military general and ex-director of the National Intelligence Service (SIN), Julio Salazar Monroe, continued his testimony. This is the eighth session that Salazar has testified and was suspended since Fujimori’s lawyer had not prepared his examination.

1.     Incidents during the hearing:

Fujimori’s health

When the session began, the President of the Court, César San Martín, arranged for the doctors from the National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (INEN) to evaluate Alberto Fujimori on Thursday, July 3.

Court rejects request from Fujimori’s defense

As the moment arrives for the testimony of Fujimori’s former advisor, Vladimiro Montesinos, Fujimori’s defense lawyer, César Nakazaki, requested that the Court ask the media whether they will continue transmitting the public trial or not. Nakazaki claimed this request was made in order to guarantee the principle of publicity.

The Court rejected Nakazaki’s request, arguing that it is not in the [Court’s] authority to ask the press what it will or will not do regarding the incidents that happen during this trial. “The Court gives guarantees and access to the happenings so that [the media] can take charge of the trial’s proceedings and transmit them to the world. Consequently, it is not fitting to make this kind of request to the media.”

Víctor Cubas Villanueva claims that the principle of publicity in the Peruvian judicial system is based on “enabling the nation to know why, how, with what proof, by whom, etc., that a defendant is tried.” According to this definition, the Court has given all these guarantees to date, making the defense’s request seem rather odd just before Montesinos is expected to testify.

Fujimori’s defense doesn’t prepare witness examination

When the lawyers for the victims’ families finished their examination, the Court signaled for Fujimori’s defense lawyer to follow with his line of questioning. However, Nakazaki stated that he had not prepared since he had thought the lawyers for the victims’ families would delay longer in their questions. As a result, the Court suspended the session.

2. Julio Salazar Monroe’s testimony: The most relevant parts of the witness’ testimony:
Montesinos and the preparation of SIN documents

Salazar reiterated what he testified last session on the preparation of documents on the April 5, 1992 coup d’état in the SIN by Vladimiro Montesinos and Rafael Merino Bartet. This testimony is consistent with what Gen. Robles Espinoza testified. However, Salazar stated that he was never informed of the preparation of these documents.

Montesinos and negotiations with Abimael Guzmán

Salazar said he didn’t know about the supposed negotiations between Vladimiro Montesinos and Abimael Guzmán Reynoso, leader of subversive group Shining Path. However, the witness stated that these conversations were not “intelligence operations” since the objective was not to obtain information.

Montesinos and SIN money

Salazar said that Montesinos was put in charge of the money in Reserve 1 and Reserve 2 in the SIN, for which reason the money was physically kept in Montesinos’ offices. The witness also stated that the money was given to Montesinos by order of Fujimori and confirmed that he, despite being director of the SIN, never knew how this money was spent.

Salazar admits there were arms in the SIN

According to Salazar, a Special Protect Unit called “Jupiter” was created in 1993 and worked within the SIN, designed to protect different government bodies. By 1995, Jupiter had 350 people working there, all of them military officials who were provided with arms. However, according to Salazar, this was not an operations unit.

3. Next session will continue with Julio Salazar Monroe’s testimony

On Wed., June 25, the session will only take place in the morning. The defense will carry out its examination of the witness Julio Salazar Monroe.


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